iDRAC 6 logs you out when updating? Just roll back!

While trying to update the iDRAC6 firmware on a new-to-me R710, I noticed that whenever it started to update the firmware, it would log me off just as it started to verify the file. My firmware version reported at 1.10 – and the latest available is 2.85 which gets you into the newer layout and better virtual console functionality. A little searching showed that I wasn’t the only one having this happen. The first result from Dell was to try and wipe iDRAC6 with the remote console tools or to try another combination of firmware upgrade steps.

I noticed one thing in a few threads – everyone was stuck at 1.10 and so was I. I decided to try upgrading from 1.03 but when I clicked on the rollback button, I saw that the rollback version was 1.30. Either someone previously tried to rollback and caused this version issue or their could have been an issue with 1.30, because that’s were people started reporting issues.

The rollback process is easy. Click the button and wait five minutes for a restart. Once iDRAC6 was “rolled back” to the higher version, I was able to upgrade straight to 2.85.

More on iDRAC 2.85 and the flood of cheap R710/R610’s later.